08. november 2020
By far our favorite recessive ball python morph is Clown and we’ll show you why!
01. november 2020
Red stripe ball pythons. What a wonderful gene. This was one of the most underrated genes until the first magma (Red stripe Clown) and Pompeii (Red stripe Black pastel Spotnose Yb Clown) were produced.

25. oktober 2020
Champagne ball pythons. It is a love and hate relationship. They are extremely pretty as single genes, but combine them with many genes and you’ll end up with a pretty lame snake devoid of color and pattern… Absolutely not what you want! But there’s a way out. Here, I’ll show you why Champagnes can be amazing sometimes but you need to combine them to the right genes!
06. april 2020
Several substrate options are available for your ball python, all have advantages and disadvantages. Here we discuss which ones you can use so you can decide which one works best for you!

13. maart 2020
Here are a few tips to reduce your chances of getting bit and to properly handle your ball python